they must often dream

I'm Savanna. I like to eat, rant, and watch cartoons. I'm 25 and I live in Toronto.

This is mostly reblogs. You can find my personal blog here.

My baby. He lies around like this for the majority of the day.

Cecil is the laziest person I know. He’s been lying there like that for three hours.

Stuart is like a hermit crab.

Lazy bastards.

Giant cuddly kitties.
Got the babies new collapsible soft carriers! Airline-approved, even. They both went right in. They probably won’t do it again by choice after they’ve been in the car with them.

I like working from home bc I get to hang out with my assistant regional manager and assistant to the regional manager.

Sleepy kitties.

My babies!

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2010 vs 2013

The other one is not so into the string, but it’s fun to put it on him, and then the cat who loves the string chases him around. Also adorable.

Cecil looks grumpy but he was sitting in my lap and purring for so long that I had to take a photo. Check out how one of his eyes has brown flecks. What a cutie pie.

My babies in their respective favourite couch spots.
Also my favourite teacup, roughly twice as big as any other teacup, yet shaped like a standard teacup.

I made this pillow last night—the first time I’ve used my sewing machine in aaaaaages. My cats have already claimed it as their own.